Oh Baby: Shower vs. a Sprinkle


I am at the wonderful age where many of my friends (myself included!) are having babies. A special time filled with sweet blue and pink celebrations, we have all taken turns giving each other baby showers to lovingly welcome our first borns. Now that some are about to have their second, it poses the question, do you host showers for those babes too?  Traditionally, showers were reserved for the first babies, however etiquette is evolving and it is becoming more and more popular to host showers, or even “sprinkles” for the second or third babies, especially if they are a different gender than the first. I personally think every baby needs to be celebrated, and love any occasion to honor a mama and her bundle of joy. So what exactly is a sprinkle you ask? And how is it different from a shower? Here are all the details on these two types of fetes. Enjoy!

Quick Tips

Shower vs. Sprinkle


Baby Shower 

*Celebration to “shower” the new mom with all the essentials she will need for her baby, from blankets to bottles

*Typically formal, showers often include catered food and drinks, decor, entertainment, and favors

*Given the formality of a baby shower, paper invites are a nice touch

*The mom registers for gifts

*Guest list is lengthy to include family, friends, and colleagues


Baby Sprinkle

*Celebration to “sprinkle” the mother with special gifts for her second, third or subsequent child, from cute outfits to fun toys

*”Sprinkles” are the appetizer version of a shower, however can be as formal as the mom and hosts would like

*Given the casual nature of some sprinkles, online or paper invitations work beautifully

*The mom may or may not register for gifts

*Sprinkles help a mom prepare for her second or third child, especially a new gender

*Guest list is family and friends, and older siblings can be included

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