Looking Gorgeous: Beauty Etiquette Tips


While on vacation, my husband and I enjoyed a romantic date night at a popular new Mediterranean restaurant. Surrounded by olive trees and feeling like we had escaped to the French Riviera, we savored every minute and bite, including the evening’s sweet finish – decadent lavender creme brûlée. As my husband signed the check, I instantly reached for the lip gloss in my clutch, and just as the brush swept my lip, something occurred to me – is it proper etiquette to touch up at the table? I began thinking about beauty etiquette, be it the girl on the 8am train styling her hair as she commutes to work , or the woman next to you in line with an overly generous amount of perfume. What is appropriate beauty etiquette and what is not? And so, inspired as ever, here are my tips so you can be your most gorgeous and polished self. Enjoy!

Quick Tips

Beauty Etiquette


Touching up lipstick at the table is acceptable if with family or friends, or at a casual restaurant. If at a business dinner or formal meal, excuse yourself to the powder room.

When in doubt, simply say, “Excuse me,” and head to the ladies to refresh your pout!

If you need to brush your hair or restyle it, leave that for the ladies room instead of a public place

When spritzing on perfume, strive for one healthy spray of your favorite scent as opposed to a fragrance fog

Would you want to know if you had smudged mascara under your eyes or lipstick on your teeth? Of course! So follow the golden rule and let a friend know if this happens to her

If you opt to do your own nails, do so in the comfort of your own home and not on the train, at work, etc. And aim to remove (again, at home) chipped polish ASAP.

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