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Our son turned one recently, and we wanted to celebrate this joyous occasion in a big way! Our family traveled from the west coast for a weekend long celebration, including a birthday party for our sweet prince. We decided on a summertime theme, and held the party at our home which worked beautifully. Complete with brightly colored balloon bouquets, grilled hamburgers, an ice cream truck and of course birthday cake, this simple and sweet party was the perfect celebration. Here are a few pictures, as well as some tips on hosting a first birthday party. Enjoy!

Quick Tips

Tips for Hosting A First Birthday Party


Choose your theme, and let it inspire the invitations, decor, food, etc.

Timing is important, so choose the time and duration of the party based on your child’s nap schedule

Feed your guests well and they will be happy

Have a timeline for the party so it runs smoothly, and you can rally guests for the cake, entertainment, etc.

Have age appropriate activities for the children, such as a coloring or craft station, ball pit, bubbles, etc.

Party favors can sometimes double as decor (i.e. Pinwheels), so be creative!

In addition to cake for the guests, a smash cake for the birthday boy or girl is a special treat

If your budget allows, consider hiring a photographer

Etsy has fantastic and affordable favors and decorations

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  1. We miss you Bren…and I can not believe handsome darling Charlie is ONE. Watching you from afar, and so proud of your outstanding Blog. Keep up your good work!!.. xox Dana