Ask B: How to Graciously Decline Help

 Dear B,

I am hosting a holiday open house party in early December. Several people have already asked if they can bring anything or do anything to help with the planning. Is it ok to graciously decline, and if so, how do I do this?


Lady A


Lady A,

Love that you are hosting a holiday open house – how festive and fun! As the hostess, it is totally up to you if you would like help or not. If you would prefer to handle everything on your own, then indeed just thank your guests for offering to help, and graciously decline. It’s completely acceptable to politely decline help when you don’t need (or want) it. As for how to graciously decline, simply say something to the effect of, “Thank you so much for offering, but we have it covered! We are looking so forward to seeing you!” Good luck with your party and happy holidays!

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