Ask B: Interviewing with the Boss


Dear B,

I am interviewing for a new job, and the boss has asked me to come to her house for an in-person interview. She’s high-profile within the industry, and so it’s an honor to meet with her. Do I need to bring anything (i.e., a hostess gift) since I am going to her house?


Ms. Interviewee


Ms. Interviewee,

What an exciting opportunity for you! Typically, all you bring to an interview is your sparking self and a glowing resume and portfolio, however your case is an exception to the rule. Given that you’re meeting at her home, I think it would be lovely to bring a little something out of respect (for both her standing in the company and inviting you to her home). I suggest you bring an arrangement of her favorite flowers – this is thoughtful yet appropriate and I think she will be touched. Good luck!


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