Modern Manners: Lending a Helping Hand


Last spring, one of my closest friends had to be on bed rest for the last few months of her pregnancy, and it taught me so much about how to genuinely be there for a friend. Often, it’s the challenging times in life when you need your nearest and dearest the most. If you have a friend or family member in a similar situation (bed rest, recovering from surgery, an extended stay in the hospital, etc.), here are some tips on how to be supportive and helpful.

Quick Tips

Modern Manners: Lending a Helping Hand


Offer to set up a meal calendar, or if someone else already coordinated the calendar, sign up to drop off a meal or two.

Ask to visit them in the hospital or at their house. If you do stop by, bring them some goodies like a magazine, coloring book, flowers, lunch, or their favorite baked good.

Check in with a text or phone call to let them know that you are thinking about them and see how they are doing.

Send them a beautiful card to brighten their day.

Offer to help watch their little ones or pets, or help out at their house with laundry, etc.

Once they are home, welcome their baby home, recovered from surgery, etc., send over celebratory flowers or treats.

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