Ask B: Thank You Note Alternatives?

Dear B, 

I know that writing thank you notes is the “proper” thing to do, however I often find that I just don’t have the time. Is there another, quicker, way I can give thanks?


Ms. Busy Bee

Busy Bee,

Life is busy these days indeed! I’ll always advocate for a hand written thank you note, as I truly believe it’s such a wonderful way to show gratitude and genuinely connect with people. Plus, don’t we all love to receive a special card in the mail? My heart flutters a little each time I see a hand written letter in my post box! I sincerely encourage you to hand write thank you notes (it takes a matter of minutes!), especially when you have been given a gift. *The exception to the rule is if the gift giver specifically tells you that you don’t need to write them a note. In the event someone hosts you at their home or for a special event and you wish to say thank you in a more creative way, another option would be to send a beautiful floral arrangement. This gesture is one that is thoughtful and will be greatly appreciated.

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