Etiquette Tips for Hosting Toddler Birthday Parties

Happy Friday everyone! As promised, I give you the second installment of toddler birthday party etiquette: tips for hosting toddler birthday parties. I’ve hosted two of such soirees and learned quite a bit about the modern manners for the host and birthday child.

Last year I planned a “Curious George” themed party for C’s birthday, and he had the time of his life! Primary color balloon bouquets and charming decorations by Toot Sweet – think pom pom party hats and a mixture of striped and polka dot place settings – filled the room, as well as “Curious George” book party favors wrapped in cello and bows, and we of course enjoyed C’s favorite vanilla and sprinkle celebration cake. I will always remember the look on C’s sweet face – he lit up! – when he first walked into the party room and realized it was his special day. His big blue eyes and darling smile said it all, and I knew he was on cloud nine.

And so, if you are hosting (or plan to someday host!) a birthday party for your tot, here are my etiquette tips. Cheers to the weekend!

Quick Tips

Etiquette Tips for Hosting Toddler Birthday Parties


Send invitations (list the “who, what, when, where,” etc.), whether it’s an e-vite or paper invite

List an RSVP date on the invitation and follow-up via phone if needed to get a final headcount

If siblings aren’t included, only address the invitation to the child being invited, otherwise address it to the family

If you know of any guests attending who have food allergies, try to offer snacks and treats they can enjoy too

Ensure you have enough cake, food, and beverages for each child and their parents/siblings (if attending)

Since a toddler’s attention span is limited, it’s best to wait until after the party to open gifts

Party favors are a nice-to-do, but not a must-do

If your child receives gifts at their party, send hand written thank you notes on their behalf

Have a first-aid kit on hand at the party in case anyone gets hurt

If your child falls ill before the party, call each of the guest’s parents to let them know and re-schedule the party if possible

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