Top 5 Tips for Styling Beautiful Bookshelves

Hi all! We’ve been in our new house for a couple of weeks now, and are finally feeling settled. While the moving boxes and heaps of paper are long gone, we need to hang art in the boy’s rooms, finish decorating the guest room, and the list goes on. A house seems to be a never-ending project, however I suppose that’s part of the fun! One important task that my mom helped us with during the move, was styling our bookshelves in the den. Styling shelves sounds simple, but it’s really an art, as you want to strike the perfect balance between height and color, and form and function.

In our past home, our shelves were filled (cluttered) with books, silver picture frames, and a collection of decorative objects. In theory this sounds lovely, yet, the shelves never seemed to flow and felt more chaotic than clean. I knew when we moved into this house I wanted books and blue and white porcelain – simple, simple simple – and so my mom and I went to work organizing and re-organizing the shelves. The bookshelves were like a giant puzzle, and we had to figure out how all of the pieces connected together. Thanks to my mom’s expertise, our shelves turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. I want to share everything that I learned with you all, and so here are my tips for styling brilliant bookshelves.

Tip #1: The first tip I have is for the shelves themselves – if they aren’t already built-in, adjust them so they are all the same height. This will create a uniform and symmetrical look.

Tip #2: Decide on a theme, such as shelves filled with only books, or books and blue and white porcelain, or books and a few picture frames, lucite art, etc. This styling compass will guide your design process so you can have a consistent look.

Tip #3: Organize books by color – create a stack of blue books, red books, green books, pink books etc. This truly looks so incredible, and is one of my favorite parts of our shelves. And in the event you don’t have too many coffee table books, pop over to a used book store and you will be surprised at the fabulous selection of affordable and wonderful options.

Tip #4: Style a combination of stacks of books (those with color coordinating spines) as well as a few beloved books propped up so you can admire their gorgeous covers. FYI – Carolyn Roehm, Tory Burch, Veranda, and Gray Malin are the Crown Jewels of book-case styling.

Tip #5: Keep it simple! Instead of crowding the shelves, strive for a clean, and minimalistic look (see the picture above as an example). That way, you can really appreciate each shelf as a little work of art, as well as the bookshelf as a whole.

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