Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

We recently traveled to California for summer vacation, and how wonderful it was to escape to cooler temperatures and enjoy time with our family and friends. Aside from the boy’s nap schedules, our days were organic and spent at our favorite little beach, poolside, walking along the bayfront and playing at the park. A hidden gem, the beach we frequent is tucked beneath a hill of charming houses, and the perfect spot to take little ones. C & G loved every minute of digging in the sand and splashing in the ocean. We also took C to Disneyland – he loved it and talk about a walk down memory lane! – as well as celebrated our beautiful and precious god daughter. I fell ill with strep on the 4th (I managed to snap a few photos of the boys dressed in matching red, white, and blue!), and while I rested at home, my amazing husband took C & G out to celebrate with their godparents and my parents. The trip went by too fast as always, however it’s so good to be home and settling back into our routine of summer.

As for the actual traveling, thanks to some advanced planning and organization, everything went smoothly. The boys had matching monogrammed backpacks (same ones can be found here: and here which made it so easy to bring all of the essentials that they needed for the flight. And let me tell you dear readers, what a relief that was! Rewind to Christmas 2016, our first trip with both children, and it was a slightly more stressful scenario. Clouded by a fog of sleep deprivation, we packed as best we could the night before our flight, however found ourselves scrambling the next day to get the bags finished and all of the strollers and gear loaded into the car. We nearly missed our flight! Once aboard the plane, G slept most of the time thankfully, and we kept C entertained with coloring books, blocks, snacks and his beloved Daniel Tiger. While we had traveled many times with just C, this first flight with two babes taught us a lot, especially how important it is to stay calm :). And so, I wanted to share some travel tips with you all and hope these make your next flight that much easier. Enjoy!


Quick Tips

Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers


Pack everything the night before – everything – and have it lined up next to the front door, so all you have to do on travel day is get dressed, eat and head to the airport.

Talk with your child/children before the trip, and so they know what to expect.

Have a backpack (we use these) for each child, and fill them with the essentials including:

Extra diapers/wipes/underwear

Portable changing station

1 change of clothes per child


Lovey or blanket


Snacks (and more snacks)

Bottles/sippy cups

Coloring books/crayons, stickers, blocks, & small toys

A tablet will save you, so you might want to treat your toddler to screen time. Bring a pair of head phones for them too.

You may have to be flexible with the nap schedule. Consider feeding your baby prior to/during take off and then soothing them to sleep so they can rest during the flight.

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