Ask B: Dinner Party Dilemma

Dear B, 

Whenever we host family or friends for dinner and they offer to bring something, I never know if I should take them up on it. On one hand, I’m the hostess so do I need to take care of everything? However on the other hand, they did offer, so is it polite to let them bring dessert, wine, etc.?


Ms. Hostess 

Ms. Hostess,

Great question, and one we can all identify with! This is entirely up to you. If a guest offers to bring dessert, however you have a certain menu you’re planning – say a French inspired night – and you’ve looked forward to making a Parisian apple tart for weeks – than kindly thank your guest, and let them know they only need to bring themselves. However if they offer to bring dessert and seem as though they’d love to contribute to the evening, and you would love some extra help, take them up on it! It will be one less thing for you to do (it’s a busy job being a hostess!), and a fabulous way to make your guest feel special and included. Happy hostessing!

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