Ask B: Joint Birthday Party


Dear B,

We’ve been invited to a joint birthday party for my son’s friend and his classmate. We go to a different school, so we have met the classmate before, however we don’t know him very well. Do we still need to bring him a gift? Or just bring a gift for my son’s friend?




Dear C,

Great question! Joint birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate two children, be it siblings or friends, and the mantra is the more the merrier. Twice the cake, twice the fun! However, when it comes to gift giving for this type of party, it can be quite tricky. Given that your son is friends with only one of the birthday boys, I think it is perfectly acceptable to only bring him a gift. If you feel the need to bring something for the classmate though and budget allows, consider a small gift such as a book. Also, there is one exception to this scenario: if your son went to school with both boys, and both mother’s invited everyone in the class, I would advise you to bring gifts for both boys. Hope this helps!


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