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I had the pleasure of indulging in a fabulous girls lunch recently – what a treat! – and while nibbling on chopped salad and tea sandwiches, we found ourselves chatting about one of my favorite topics: skincare. I’m a big believer in skincare routines, and have always loved trying new products, be it a collagen-infused eye mask or revitalizing rosewater toner. Because let’s face it, a cozy night at home pampering your skin with lotions and potions is a little piece of heaven!

Skincare is more than just the actual ritual of applying your creams and serums though, it’s taking the time to take care of your skin. Think of it this way, you want to care for your skin now, so you can continue to look and feel your best in the years to come. Also, rest assured that you can still have a fantastic skin routine and not spend a fortune. Skincare can be intimidating with the vast amount of options and price points (just visit Violet Grey or Sephora), and while I do think certain products are worth splurging on (specialty serums for instance), face wash and moisturizer can be basic and inexpensive. At the end of the day, if you do your research and get savvy on skincare, you can find products that fit your needs and budget.

So what is my skincare routine? I’ll start by sharing that ever since turning 30, I noticed an increase in fine lines, discoloration and dryness, and realized I needed a more specialized regime. I bounced from product to product, and even experimented with regular facials for a while. For me, the facials felt glorious and had my skin radiant and glowing, however didn’t help with the aforementioned concerns. Ultimately, I visited my dermatologist and she designed a custom day and night routine to help address these issues, including a prescription for retinol. May I sing the praises of retinol to you? It is truly miraculous, as it softens wrinkles, fades discoloration, treats breakouts and the list goes on. I highly recommended using it nightly if you don’t already. I’m also religious about washing my face twice a day, and try to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep at least 8 hours a night (when I can!).

And so, here is my current routine (I use the products in the order listed), and I must admit dear readers, I’m loving it. I will of course continue to try new products (just started using  this and love it so far), however this line up is sensational for right now. Given that my retinol is via a prescription, I’ve listed a great retinol below to try. What are your must-have skin care products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Cetaphil Face Wash • Skinceuticals C E Ferulic • Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense • Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream • Avène Mineral Light SPF 50 SunscreenKate Somerville Eye Cream



Cetaphil Face wash • Retinol • Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream • Kate Somerville Eye Cream


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  1. I love hearing about others skin care regimes. The Skincueticals Serum seems to be a unanimous favorite. Price, but well worth it. And, as you point out, less expensive face washes and moisturizers can even things out. I’ve tried prescription retinol off and on and find it so irritating for my skin. But, I think its time to reintroduce it as its benefits are undeniable. Especially at my age!