Well Read: My Current Coffee Table Book Wishlist





Does anyone else have beautiful coffee table books on their wish list? You can never have too many fabulous books, and currently there are quite a few books that I’m eyeing. Some of these books I love for their gorgeous covers, others for the content, and some for both. But for anyone who knows me well, they know I love to read and collect coffee table books and so my list is a bit of an ongoing hobby. My favorite place to display the books (because one needs to enjoy these precious works of art!), is in our den where we have built-in shelves. It’s lovely to see all of the vibrant and colorful covers perched on the bookcase (this and this are my favorites), and for our home which has a great deal of white, they add so much personality.

I’d also love to get this book for my husband’s office, as well as this, and this. Which books are on your wish list?

Ask B: When You Give a Gift and Don’t Get a Thank You

Dear B, 

I recently gave a friend a Christmas gift, however he never acknowledged it – no thank you text, no thank you call, no thank you note. Admittedly, I’m a bit hurt that he didn’t say thank you when I took the time to pick out a special present for him. Do I bring it up with him or just leave it alone?




First, let me start by saying Happy New Year! As for your question, while I can understand your disappointment and how disconcerting it must feel to not have your beautiful gift acknowledged, I recommend you leave this one alone. Did your friend need to say thank you and even more write a thank you note? Absolutely. Saying thank you and writing a thank you note is always the courteous thing to do. However, perhaps you can give him the benefit of the doubt and attribute the etiquette infraction to being distracted with the chaos of the holiday season. Confronting him about it likely won’t achieve anything, and could even cause awkwardness between you two. Consider this new mindset – when you give a gift, do it because you want to bring a smile to that person’s face, not because you expect anything in return. And if they say thank you and better yet write a note, then how wonderful.


Hello 2020 and Your Horoscope


I love reading the Tory Daily Blog, I always learn something new and fascinating, from chic table setting tips to a dreamy wish list of the most incredible book stores around the world. Recently, the blog featured a fabulous post about horoscopes written by Astrologer Susie Cox. What will the new year bring for you? Take a read to find out and wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2020!

Happy Birthday, dear Capricorn. This will be a very strong birthday month for you since there are so many planets in Capricorn now. This is your birthday to shine brightly and let everyone know how powerful you truly are. If you want to make some big changes to your life . . . now is your time.

Venus will be in Aquarius until January 12th. This is the best time to give yourself a little pampering. A nice holiday present for yourself would be a spa trip or at least a spa day. Buy a holiday present for yourself in addition to your loved ones. Art, music and love are favored.

The Moon will be in your sign of Pisces for New Year’s Eve! Take that time to review and reflect on the year of 2019. This is the perfect set up for a spiritual ceremony to release last year and welcome the New Year of 2020. Light a candle. Write down all you want to release and burn it with intention of letting go.

Aries always like to be first, it’s just part of your nature. So, it’s not a surprise that the Moon enters Aries on January 1, 2020. The New Year is starting with a dynamic Aries Moon. Use that as a sign that this is your year to start something new. It’s about time, isn’t it?

January 4th and 5th are your power dates this month. The Moon will be in your sign of Taurus and will be supported by the huge party of planets in the fellow earth sign of Capricorn. Set your intentions for the New Year of 2020 on those days. Be practical and down to earth but think big with your scope.

Your New Year doesn’t really kick in until January 6th, when Mars aligns with the Moon in Gemini then. Don’t feel bad if you have a hard time shaking the holidays as they may stay with you for a while. Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. Sometimes there is a larger plan than we know.

The Full Moon is in your sign of Cancer on January 10th, 2020. This one is actually a Lunar Eclipse and a very strong one. The huge Capricorn party of planets now are part of this Eclipse. Make sure to hold your own, speak your mind and be strong especially with authority figures. Remember that you are in charge.

Your power dates this month are from January 11th – 13th. The Moon in Leo is connecting with both Venus and Mars at that time. This is a good social time for you to see friends and love ones. Be a bit on the adventurous side. You know you want to let go every now and then and this is one of those times.

You are still in a lucky phase, dear Virgo. There are so many other earth signs that are connecting with you now that you can hardly go wrong. Notice the new support systems you have in your life now. They will be with you for a very long time. This is a good month to move furniture around and create a new look. If you are up for a makeover, this is your month.

Mid-January could bring unexpected interactions with authority figures. All those Capricorn planets are in a challenging angle to your Libra. If you don’t feel comfortable around certain arrogant people, you can always leave. Remember how strong you are. By month’s end, you will feel even stronger.

Did you make some changes last month with Mars going through our sign of Scorpio? You are now free to be your new and improved Scorpio self. Rebirth and new beginnings are part of the Scorpio cycle. Once the end has occurred, the new is ready to start. That’s where you are right now.

Mars entered Sag on January 3rd and won’t leave until February 15th. Yours is a fire sign that will be brought to life even more with Mars igniting your spirit. Your adventurousness will be at a high, so see if you can plan something quite unusual and a bit wild during that phase. You want something that gives you “Look what I did!” bragging rights.