Ask B: A Babysitting Bind

Dear B,

We are parents to three young children, and recently, our sitters have been unreliable which has made it difficult to follow through with our weekend plans. Often we are just going to a friend’s house for a dinner party, however for future reference, is it ever ok to ask if we can bring the kids? Or is it better to cancel?




Your childcare conundrum is one many of us can relate to, myself included! To answer your questions, it really depends on the host’s who have invited you. If they too have young children and are close friends, they will of course be more understanding of your predicament. That being said, honestly is always the best policy, and so I advise that you tell the truth about your situation, sincerely apologize, and suggest a date to reschedule. If they kindly ask you to still come and bring the bambinos, all the better! But if not, you’ve still maintained your standing as a gracious guest and can hopefully find a new (and dependable!) sitter for your next engagement.

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