Happy Friday & Little Lovelies


  1. An elevated white blouse, with puff sleeves of course!
  2. Heels worth splurging on
  3. Gorgeous blue and white floral table-cloth
  4. I want these woven chargers for spring
  5. A place to house all of your travel memories
  6. I can’t live without this 
  7. Pale blue glasses, perfect for wine or water

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  1. I am just looking for the healthy blueberry muffin recipe. Love love 💕 your account!!!

      1. Just bought these beautiful blue glasses at Madison for a closing gift.. loved them so much just had to buy for myself also. Thanks Bren. Perfect for my client and for our home. Perfect for our terrace

        Also I just received my Pink handmade suede shoes from my and my leather pink bag designer from a designer in Italy. Pink suede shoes are all the rage on in Europe and England along with pink slacks. Looks like summer in Italy this year is on hold so will be sporting my little pink designer bag, pink shoes, pink slacks in Texas and if lucky Sea Island that we can drive too. So fun where ever you are. We need sparkle in our life and thank you Bren for guiding our way