Ask B: Deciding to Postpone or Cancel a Wedding

Dear B,

We are supposed to be getting married in early June, and while we had hoped it would be safe for us and our guests to travel to the wedding destination, we are becoming more and more discouraged. Do we postpone the wedding? Or cancel it altogether? Help! 



Dear T,

I hope you and your fiancé are safe and healthy at home. I can only imagine your disappointment facing this decision, as the amount of time, effort and dreams that go into planning a wedding often feel immeasurable. That said, given the uncertainty of the world right now, I think you are wise to either postpone the wedding – how about October? – or cancel it if you feel that is best. By making this tough decision, you are showing a great amount of love for your family and friends. Whichever route you decide, have your planner (or you) notify the vendors ASAP, as well as the guests so they can cancel or change their flights, hotel reservations, etc. Additionally, if you postpone your wedding for the fall or even 2021, speak with your venue and vendors about insurance options so you can be prepared if the date needs to be moved again.

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