Effortlessly Chic White Dresses


Looking polished and put together is one of the many threads in the fabric of modern etiquette, and demonstrates both respect for yourself, and respect for others. Getting dressed in a stylish and tailored outfit can transform your day – think about how fabulous you feel in your favorite blouse or heels! – and sends the message that you took the time for yourself, and in turn, took the time to look your best for those around you. It can instantly lift your mood, and add a touch of sparkle to an otherwise regular day.

While some days donning activewear suits your schedule (and believe me, I can relate to this having two young children and spending all our time at home recently!), other days, it’s lovely to choose an effortlessly chic piece from your wardrobe. In the summer, one of my favorite closet stapes is the LWD, aka, the little white dress. Bright and fresh, a crisp white dress paired with espadrilles or sandals elevates your look, and can be dressed up or down, whether you’re running errands, at the office, meeting friends for lunch, or even at home with your family. And so, I curated a collection of my favorite breezy and cool white dresses for summer, enjoy!


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