Ask B: Family Stationery

Dear B, 

I want to order custom stationary for my family. What wording do you recommend? “The ____ Family”? Or “The ___’s”….etc.? And do you think it’s necessary to have family stationery, as well as personalized stationery for each family member?



Dear S,

I’m a huge proponent of family stationery, as its uses are endless – thank you notes, well wishes to family and friends, a note to your neighbor, etc. Plus any excuse to commission beautiful custom paper goods, right? In terms of wording, I prefer, “The ___ Family”, however it is really up to you. As for the look, choose colors and a design that reflect your personal style, be it modern or traditional, bright or subtle.

As for personalized stationery for each family member, I think this is an excellent idea. That way, each family member can write their own thank you notes or letters. Plus, it gives the kids a chance to have fun picking out their stationery! You might have a local stationery store to use, but if not, there are fabulous online options available, such as Love Lucy, Ellis Hill, and Minted. I love this company for children’s stationery too, as they have precious designs to showcase each child’s interests.

Travel Etiquette

We recently went on vacation and thankfully had easy and enjoyable flights to and from the beach. The boys nibbled on snacks, watched their favorite shows, colored, and even napped. You never know how the little ones will do on the plane, but thankfully the boys were stars. It’s not always sunshine and smiles when flying though, as we’ve had our fair share of tears, motion sickness, missing shoes, lost strollers, and the list goes on. However as you all know, once you reach your destination, it makes the journey there (no matter how challenging!) entirely worth it.

Since many of you are traveling throughout the end of summer (it’s hard to believe summer is almost over!), I wanted to share a few travel etiquette tips to keep in mind. Even if you have flown hundreds of times and consider yourself an expert traveler, I think it’s always nice to have an etiquette refresh and even learn something new. And so, cheers to flying the friendly skies and  enjoying the final weeks of summer vacation!

  • Take cues from your seat-mate: Your seat-mate (or you!) might love to hear a fellow passengers life’s story, or prefer to be incognito for the flight a la ear buds from take-off to landing. Either way, observe their social cues and respect them (and their personal space).
  • Mind the armrest: Let’s face it, we all want to use the armrest during the flight. If you’re sitting in the aisle or window, kindly let the middle seat use the interior armrest for some of the flight.
  • Recline Slowly: While it always makes for a laugh when depicted on a TV sitcom, in reality, flinging your seat back is less than ideal for the person behind you. If you want to recline your seat, try to do so slowly.
  • Sweet smelling snacks: Due to the tight quarters and recycled air, consider bringing in-flight snacks that don’t have a strong smell.
  • Patience is a virtue: From the crying baby behind you (or your own crying baby!) to exiting the plane, at the end of the day travel can be stressful and everyone wants a pleasant flying experience. Try to be patient and understanding of others, including the flight attendants.
  • Courteous of carry-ons: Most people carry-on these days leaving little room in the overhead bins. So everyone has a spot for their luggage, aim to put one carry-on in the bin designated for your row, and one below at your feet.
  • Enjoying entertainment: Whether you plan on listening to music or watching a movie, use your head phones so the rest of the plane isn’t disturbed.
  • Be respectful of the flight crew: The flight crew works hard to keep you safe and comfortable during your flight, so aim to be polite, courteous and friendly to them.

Ask B: Joint Birthday Party


Dear B,

We’ve been invited to a joint birthday party for my son’s friend and his classmate. We go to a different school, so we have met the classmate before, however we don’t know him very well. Do we still need to bring him a gift? Or just bring a gift for my son’s friend?




Dear C,

Great question! Joint birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate two children, be it siblings or friends, and the mantra is the more the merrier. Twice the cake, twice the fun! However, when it comes to gift giving for this type of party, it can be quite tricky. Given that your son is friends with only one of the birthday boys, I think it is perfectly acceptable to only bring him a gift. If you feel the need to bring something for the classmate though and budget allows, consider a small gift such as a book. Also, there is one exception to this scenario: if your son went to school with both boys, and both mother’s invited everyone in the class, I would advise you to bring gifts for both boys. Hope this helps!