Dinning Room Table Inspo





We are on the hunt for a new dinning room table, and let me tell you there are a lot of options! Glass, wood, round, rectangular, the list goes on and on. We are thinking a large farmhouse style with some crisp white chairs could be beautiful, but of course we have to consult our designer, aka my mom! The dinning room is where so many memories are made, from special birthday celebrations to festive holidays, and so we want to take our time choosing the perfect set. Here are few dinning rooms I’ve been swooning over and I can’t wait to create a special space like this for us. Hint – one of these pictures is from my mom’s house :). Enjoy!

Ask B: Frenemies


Dear B,

I have a friend, well I thought she was a friend, and lately she’s feeling more like a frenemy. She’s passive aggressive and puts me down with snide remarks that are masked as harmless jokes, makes the bare minimum amount of effort to maintain our friendship, and every time we are together I feel bad about myself. She also gossips about other people in our social circle, which leads me to believe she is probably gossiping about me too. Given that we do indeed have mutual friends and I don’t want to burn any bridges, what is the best way to handle her and our friendship?



Dear H,

This girl does sounds like a frenemy! Frenemies are an interesting breed, and one to be cautious of – I’ve encountered them before as well so I understand your dilemma. The key takeaway here is that after you spend time with a true friend, you should feel happy and uplifted, not down about yourself, and so I think you are wise to reevaluate the friendship. Since you need to keep the peace with her, I advise two things. First, be realistic about your expectations and accept her for what she is – a frenemy. This way, you won’t be so disappointed when she behaves in not so kind manner. Second, consider limiting your time with her. Instead of always reaching out to her, focus more on fostering friendships with the girls who treat you well and are actually true friends. To keep things copacetic, you of course be your sweet self when you see her, but I think a bit of distance will do you some good. Best of luck my darling!

Getting Organized for 2017

Every January after the holidays have come and gone, I love to order a new agenda for the year and get organized. It’s amazing how on December 1 we are all chomping at the bit to deck the halls with silvery tinsel and fresh garland, and come January 1 we quickly pack it all up and greet the New Year with a clean slate. I usually treat myself to one of these agendas (always in blue, my favorite color), and I also have my eye on the chic gold and lucite desk accessories below. Cheers to a great week and happy new year!




Periwinkle AgendaBlue AgendaChambray AgendaRobin’s Egg Blue AgendaPen CupFile OrganizerDesk TrayStapler