Holiday & New Year’s Floral Arrangement

Happy holidays, all! I hope you had a merry Christmas! A dear friend of mine in tandem with the gifted team at Cebolla recently hosted a holiday floral arranging class, and oh how we designed a gorgeous creation worthy of the glossy pages of Veranda! Fragrant with pine, colorful with candy cane amaryllis, and jingling with a tiny sleigh-bell, this arrangement captures the true essence of this special time of year. Perfect for the holiday season, including a New Year’s Eve or day soiree, here are all the details on how to assemble this floral masterpiece. Enjoy! 
Here’s What You’ll Need:
  • Birch cube
  • Green oasis foam
  • Sticks
  • Twine
  • Small sleigh bell
  • Silver Christmas ornament (ball) 
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Noble fir
  • Lotus pods
  • Brunia berries
  • Crabapples
  • Regular apples
  • Aspen branches
  • Bearded moss
  • Limbo roses
  • Candy cane amaryllis
  • Safari sunset
  • Scented geranium
1. Soak the oasis in water for a minute or two so it can pull in moisture to keep the flowers hydrated. Next, cut the oasis so it fits inside the cube and sits flush. 

2. Carefully insert a mix of pine, noble fir and cedar branches (at an angle) around the outside of the cube, creating a crown of greenery.
3. Next insert a stick (or sticks, 1-3) into the oasis, again at an angle. Since the amaryllis has a hollow stem, this will secure it. 
4. Cut the amaryllis stem at an angle, and place it over the stick (sticks if you’re using several amaryllis flowers) and into the oasis so it’s secure and properly anchored. You want it to face outward and have some height, but make sure it’s not be too far above the greenery. 
5. Insert a lotus pod next to the amaryllis, and facing outward. This little gem adds visual interest and texture – yes and yes!
6. Spear the remaining sticks through both varieties of apples (3 apples in total), and then disperse them in the arrangement. Keep in mind, you can spear the bottom of the apple or thorough the side, it’s up to you. Again, in terms of height, align the apples with the lotus pod and amaryllis for consistency. 
7. Adding a burst of vibrant color, insert several stems of safari sunset, filling in any of the open spaces. This plant will add a touch of height, so it’s ok that it’s a bit taller than the other flowers in the arrangement.  
8. Next, disperse 3-4 limbo roses throughout the cube, again inserting them in the open spaces so as to conceal all of the oasis and give the appearance of a full arrangement. 
9. Loop the twine through the opening on the top of the ornament, and tie it around the top of the stick. Next, insert the stick in the oasis so the ornament sits nestled in between the flowers. 
10. Lastly, add in the final embellishments (inserting them into any of the open spaces), including a sprinkling of stems of Brunia Berries, Aspen Branches with a bell tied to the top (this is up to you, but such a fun addition!), bearded moss, and scented geranium. These items are intended to add fullness, texture, and a bit of whimsy to the arrangement. 
11. Ho ho ho! You have a stunning holiday arrangement that even Santa himself will envy! 

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