LaLa Land: Epicurien Delights

This past weekend we traveled to my childhood home, Southern California, to spend time with family, soak up sunshine, indulge in the fresh cuisine, and of course enjoy a bit of retail therapy a la shopping in BH! Oh how I thrived in my native climate, and from morning strolls along the shore in Marina del Rey to an unforgettable chef-prepared dinner party with dear family and friends, we have been reminiscing non-stop about a truly splendid weekend. Whether you currently reside on the west coast or plan on visiting Los Angeles soon, I wanted to share some of the fabulous epicurean delights – a mix of our favorite spots (The Ivy!) and some new ones (SoHo House) from our trip. Enjoy!

Must Order: Fresh Blue Fin Toro Tuna Tartare, Lobster Club, and Apple Blackberry Crumble with Homemade Tahitian Vanilla Gelato 

Must Order: Four Grain Porridge with Berries, Milk and Buckwheat Honey, GTA Egg Sandwich, and Breakfast Toast with Avocado, Radish, Sesame Seeds and Lemon 
Must Order: Kale Salad, and Butternut Squash and Ricotta Ravioli with Sage 
Must Order: Crepes from the Acadie Booth and of course shop for fresh-picked produce and blooms

Special Event Etiquette

Happiest of Tuesdays, dear readers! I adore special events, from weddings to charity functions, and since attending my first wave of these gatherings years ago, have learned so much in terms of etiquette and protocol. Whether attending a fabulous black-tie charity event with your husband or ladies luncheon supporting a cause near and dear to your heart, being your best self will always be in fashion, and so I’ve created a list of tips for novices and experts alike (never hurts to brush up on manners!). Enjoy! 
  • Introductions: After you’ve found your place card and strolled over to your table, take a moment to introduce yourself to your fellow dinners. You may know some of them or they may be new faces, but either way greeting them will be a wonderful way to start the event.
  • Table manners: Perhaps the most important etiquette element at a special event, polished table manners will make you shine like the star you are! Channel the charming “B & D” trick when locating your bread plate, and remember a la “Pretty Woman” that utensils work their way in. When finished with your meal, position your utensils diagonally on the plate. 
  • Clutch: Perplexed about where to house your clutch during the event? Instead of placing it on the table, place it either in your lap under the napkin or behind you in your chair. 
  • Conversing: Whether you’ve just met or you’re seated next to a confidante, engage in conversation with the lovely ladies and gents at your table. 
  • Tech: Strive to keep your cellphone in your clutch while at the table (on the silent setting please!), and wait to text, browse social media, or use your phone until after the event. If you’re expecting an urgent call or it’s an emergency, kindly say “excuse me” and excuse yourself to the ladies room or lobby to take a call. 
  • Listening: Special events often call for speeches or keynote addresses, and so out of respect for the host/hosts, refrain from chatting when the guest of honor, emcee, etc. is speaking. 

Little Luxuries: Monogrammed Towels

Like sweet icing on the most delicious cake, embellishing towels with a stunning monogram adds that extra special touch that I simply adore. Not to mention there are oodles of options when it comes to monogramming, so you can pop on your creative hat! We are about to treat ourselves to some new monogrammed towels, and so I have been on the hunt to find a bit of color and style inspiration. Which one is your favorite?


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