My Favorites from the Tory Burch Tabletop Collection

Once again designer extraordinaire and hostess with the mostess Tory Burch has captured my heart, as she has brilliantly introduced a gorgeous tabletop collection. Inspired by her love of entertaining (I can only imagine how fabulous her dinner parties are!), the exquisite pieces are hand-painted in crisp blue and white, and based on the 19th-century English ceramics that both she and her mother, Reva, collect. The beauty of these ceramic gems and lovely linens is that they can be mixed and matched to suit any occasion. Here are some of my favorites from the elegant collection – which ones do you adore dear readers?

Q&A with Cricket’s Circle Founder Rachel Blumenthal


Dearest readers, I have a new obsession that I have just been chomping at the bit to share with you – Cricket’s Circle! What is this charming Cricket’s Circle you ask? While recently indulging in a little mani/pedi, I thumbed through Elle and came upon a gorgeously written article about Rachel Blumenthal, oh so stylish mom, successful entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of Cricket’s Circle – every new mom’s new BFF. Cricket’s Circle is a website Rachel developed to help new parents navigate the world of bottles, bibs, burp cloths and more (genius and this website has been a lifesaver for me!). Written in a friendly relatable voice, like that of a dear (and witty!) friend, the site offers a delightful mix of sage product reviews (they only recommend the three best products per category), interviews with sensational moms, and helpful articles. And so, I’m thrilled to share a Q&A with the queen Cricket herself, Rachel Blumenthal. Enjoy!

What’s the story behind the name, Cricket’s Circle?
When I was pregnant with my son, Griffin, I received numerous spreadsheets and lists describing what I should buy for baby. I was left confused and conflicted, and all I wanted was a straightforward list of what I needed. Overwhelmed, I reached out to a like-minded friend who helped me cut through the clutter, eliminating the unnecessary items from the documents I had received. She was my Cricket. Now I am repaying the favor for other new moms with Cricket’s Circle.

What’s the most important piece of advice that you have for new moms/new dads?
Contrary to popular belief, there is no “right” way to do something for your child. There are plenty of ways to try, and there is no shame in consistently asking for help and advice from other experienced parents.

What do you love most about being a mom?
I love seeing Griffin’s smile and bright eyes when I say “yes” to the unexpected or when he figures out how something works for the first time. It is something I cherish and enjoy each time it happens.

If you had to choose one product that is a new mom/new dad must-have, what would it be?
Definitely the Snugabell hands-free pumping bra. For someone who pumped everywhere and anywhere for 9 months, this product was a life-saver. It was my secret to multi-tasking pumping success!

You’ve created this incredible site and are also the mother to precious Griffin – do you have any advice for other working moms?
Leave multi-tasking for the office. When you get home from work, devote your full attention to your child for an hour or two. I always feel more at ease when I close my computer, put my phone in my purse and give my undivided attention to Griffin. This is not always easy, given my work demands, but after spending time with him, I am always floating with that calming happiness only your child can bring you.

What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned since becoming a mom?
I have come to terms with being late to everything. Regardless of how organized you believe you are, it will always take you at least four times longer to get out of the house than you think. I always thought – “not me, I’ve got it together!” – and boy did Griffin prove me wrong.

What is the best lesson you have learned from Griffin?
To let go and be spontaneous. I actually think that becoming a mom as made me more relaxed and casual. One of my favorite mommy moments was a couple summers ago. Griffin was showing interest in and walking toward the water sprays on the playground in Union Square. Normally, I would have run to sweep him up and away from the water because I wouldn’t want him to get wet. That day was different – I just let him enjoy and explore. I will never forget the priceless faces he made as he experienced the water drenching him. That carefree afternoon gave us both so much joy and was definitely worth the trip home after to change him.