Ask B: Gifts for a Gender Reveal Party?

Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s gender reveal party 
Dear B, 

I’ve been invited to a gender reveal party for a good friend. Since it’s not technically a shower, but just a party to find out if she’s having a boy or a girl, do I need to bring a present for the baby?

I’m guessing pink

Pink, my princess,

How timely your question is, as I recently attended a gender reveal party for a friend – such a darling idea! You are correct, it’s not technically a shower, however since it is in celebration of the soon-to-be bundle of joy, I advise you follow the “never arrive empty handed” mantra and bring a token for the babe. A precious picture book, plush toy, or lovey would be perfect.

Fall Floral Arrangement Under $40

Happy almost Friday all! My brother and childhood best friend are visiting us in the Big D this weekend (hip-hip-hooray!), making it the perfect occasion to create a gorgeous fall floral arrangement in their honor. I popped over to Central Market to select my beautiful blooms, and once my sparking green eyes spotted the vibrant and crisp bunch of kale, I just fell in love. Capturing the cozy orange hue of the season, the arrangement features amber roses, kale of course, and green hydrangeas (you know how much I adore those!). Better yet my darling readers, not only is this arrangement a cinch to create, it is under $40 making it quite reasonably priced. Whether you’re hosting guests, throwing a dinner party or treating yourself to some stunning stems, here is how you can replicate this arrangement. Enjoy!
You’ll need:
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Medium-high glass vase 
  • 2 aspidistra leaves 
  • 12 amber roses
  • 3 green hydrangeas 
  • 3 stalks of kale 
1.  First, take a small knife and drag it down the spine of the aspidistra leaves. Because these leaves are so stiff, this step is needed to encourage the leaves to be a bit flexible. Next. Curl the leaves in a circle, and place them on top of each other in the vase. The leaves will conceal all of the stems, providing a polished look. 

2. Next, holding one stalk of kale, add five of the roses to it as seen in the picture below. Essentially, this arrangement is a series of layers. 
3. Repeat step 2, layering another kale leaf, and then then more roses, and then the final kale leaf and remaining roses. 
4. Finally, cluster the three lush hydrangeas (be sure to remove the leaves from the hydrangea stems as they soak up all the water) on one side of the arrangement and voila! A simple yet elegant fall floral masterpiece. 

New Baby Etiquette


Over the past year, I have excitedly celebrated my dearest friends become mothers, and experienced the greatest blessing of all, becoming a mother myself. A true education in more ways than one (I am now the reigning queen of swaddling!), parenthood has provided me, Mrs. Buns, with invaluable insight into all things bebe, including new baby etiquette. I remember when the baby boom in our group first began, and I so thoughtfully wondered if I needed to be invited to meet the tiny angel or if protocol demanded I ask to visit. Or, is it appropriate (or required?) to bring a meal when meeting the new baby? I quickly learned the precious answers to these oh so important questions, and am thrilled to share them with you. In case the sweet stork lovingly visits you or your neighborhood anytime soon, here are my tips for new baby etiquette. Enjoy!

  • Do share well wishes with the new parents whether it’s a beautiful card in the mail, flower delivery, phone call, email, or text message congratulating them on their precious newborn.
  • Do consider offering to set up a meal calendar so friends and family can coordinate times to drop off dinner. Here is a fabulous site to use:
  • Do ask to come meet the baby (new parents love a little company!) and offer to bring over lunch or dinner (deliciously home cooked or from their most favorite restaurant). In terms of when to do this, it’s up to you. You can ask within days of the birth, of give the new mom and dad a little breathing room and visit a week or two post-birth.
  • Don’t show up unannounced, especially to the hospital. Instead, schedule a visit with the parents based on a date and time that is convenient for them.
  • Do be punctual when visiting the baby.
  • Don’t stay for more than an hour.
  • Do wait for the mother to offer for you to hold the baby, and be sure to wash your hands before you cuddle with the darling angel.
  • Don’t bring children (namely toddlers or sick little ones) or pets with you when visiting the new baby.
  • Do bring a baby gift or flowers – remember, never show up empty handed! Here are some ideas for baby essentials 
  • Don’t visit the baby if you’re ill or have recently been ill.
  • Do show your support and love if the baby has been in the NICU by congratulating the new parents, sending flowers, cards, a baby gift, etc.
  • Do send a baby gift once you receive the birth announcement (if you’ve generously given gifts at the shower or when meeting the baby, this doesn’t apply unless you’re so inclined).
  • Do check in on the new mama (she will appreciate it!), by sending a quick text such as “How are you and baby?” or “Hope you’re enjoying this special time! Thinking of you!”