Beachin’ It





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On the heels of a getaway out west to celebrate my birthday (it’s a big one, ya’ll!), we are already fantasizing about spending the summer in California with our family. The perfect escape from the Texas heat, every year we dash to my SoCal hometown and savor time with loved ones, afternoons at the beach, cool coastal nights, and even a sunset cruise (or two!) on a Duffy. Endlessly inspired by my west coast childhood and someday craving a beach house of our own, I created a board on Pinterest to house all of my inspiration. Here are just a few of my beachy favorites – I’m in love with the first image from Tory Burch’s Resort 2015 Look Book! – and cheers to the weekend ahead!

Valentine’s Day Goodies



Heart-Shaped CocotteDiamond Heart Bracelet Valentine’s Day Chocolate BarHeart Coin PurseNail PolishHeart Dish Candle Fragrance • Heart-Shaped Cookie CuttersHeart-Shaped Soap • Ballet Flats  


Teeming with pink roses, heavenly chocolates, and glitter dusted cards, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. We have a beloved tradition of cooking buttery lobster tails and a rich chocolate dessert every year, and this year will be made even sweeter with the addition of our precious Valentine! Whether you plan on preparing heart-shaped blueberry pancakes for your little loves, are hunting for some hearts-and-arrows filled inspiration to share with your sweetie, or perhaps on the search for thoughtful treasures for your circle of friends, I’ve created this curated group of cupid-approved goodies with something for everyone. Enjoy!

Q&A with Savvy Girl Founder, Brittany Deal


Dearest readers, I’m oh so excited to introduce you to my wonderful co-author of Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette and founder of Savvy Girl, Brittany Deal. Brittany and I met serendipitously at my maid of honor’s wedding several years ago when we were seated at the same table. Amidst effortless conversation, celebrating mutual friends, and of course a sensational meal (I’ll never forget that divine wedding cake!), we instantly hit it off and the rest is history. Brittany’s authenticity, dedication, and passion for knowledge are infectious, and I know you will adore her as much as I do. And so, here is a Q&A with the fabulous Brittany Deal. Enjoy!

Tell us about the inspiration for the Savvy Girl brand.
My idea for Savvy Girl hit me while I was reading a book in the middle of the Bolivian Amazon (part of a quarter life crisis trip around the world). I had always craved the knowledge how-to books promised to offer but I found most of them painful to complete. I wondered if I could create a book series that delivered the information people needed but cut through the clutter. I thought about a cross between the For Dummies books and Cliff Notes, but knew I would also need to make the books prettier (with photos and beautiful design) and more fun to read (written in a girlfriend-to-girlfriend) tone. And when I wondered what I would call it, the name “Savvy Girl” came to me.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned?
Ideas are nothing without execution.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Get office space! I thought working from home was amazing until I started working from home. Separating work and home was important to my success.

What piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?
If you build it they will not come. You must have a clear plan to revenue.

How do you choose your book topics and why did you choose wine for the first guide?
I choose topics based on what I think my readers want to learn more about. I picked wine as the first topic because wine is fun, but intimidating, making it a great first topic to tackle. I knew if I could make getting savvy about wine feel easy I would be off to a great start. Plus, researching wine sounded like a lot more fun than a topic like taxes!

What other books are you working on?
I have a third book Savvy Girl, A Guide to Eating that launched in December 2014. I partnered with the dietitian, Sumner Brooks of Not On A Diet, who has helped thousands of people, including me, get healthier and form a better relationship with food. Our book talks about how to eat healthy for the long term and why restrictive diets always fail. I am also looking for savvy experts to partner with on new titles, so if someone thinks they would make a great fit for the next savvy girl book they can email me at

What’s next for Savvy Girl as a brand?
In 2015 the goal is to expand curated content in the Savvy Girl library, launch the Savvy Girl YouTube channel, and launch the Get Savvy podcast. You can sign up at to join the community and stay in the loop. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Savvy Girl.