Tory Sport



I had the privilege of hearing Tory Burch speak at the Nasher last year, and she was everything I hoped for and more. Brilliant, elegant, and effortlessly cool, Tory recounted stories about her doting parents and idyllic childhood growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, as well as the history behind her eponymous brand. Towards the end of the lecture, she shared that she had a new sportswear line in the works, and that we could expect to see the designs within a year. Needless to say, the crowd bubbled with excitement. Flash forward to Fall 2015 and the official launch of Tory Sport, and I think we all can agree she has done it once again. The line features a mix of stylish tennis dresses, studiowear, and après-sport ensembles all designed in timeless silhouettes and classic colors. High profile fashion editors and celebrities alike have already been spotted wearing pieces of the high performance activewear, and I can’t wait to order some for myself. Here are a few of my favorites, and wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!




1st Birthday Party














Our son turned one recently, and we wanted to celebrate this joyous occasion in a big way! Our family traveled from the west coast for a weekend long celebration, including a birthday party for our sweet prince. We decided on a summertime theme, and held the party at our home which worked beautifully. Complete with brightly colored balloon bouquets, grilled hamburgers, an ice cream truck and of course birthday cake, this simple and sweet party was the perfect celebration. Here are a few pictures, as well as some tips on hosting a first birthday party. Enjoy!

Quick Tips

Tips for Hosting A First Birthday Party


Choose your theme, and let it inspire the invitations, decor, food, etc.

Timing is important, so choose the time and duration of the party based on your child’s nap schedule

Feed your guests well and they will be happy

Have a timeline for the party so it runs smoothly, and you can rally guests for the cake, entertainment, etc.

Have age appropriate activities for the children, such as a coloring or craft station, ball pit, bubbles, etc.

Party favors can sometimes double as decor (i.e. Pinwheels), so be creative!

In addition to cake for the guests, a smash cake for the birthday boy or girl is a special treat

If your budget allows, consider hiring a photographer

Etsy has fantastic and affordable favors and decorations

Preparing Your Guestroom


It’s fantastic to have a cozy and comfortable guest room for your friends and family, especially during the holidays. I remember when we moved into our home, I had such fun picking out the crisp white bedding for our guest room, stocking the bathroom with monogrammed towels and little toiletries, and anxiously awaiting our first houseguest. As the years rolled on and lots of loved ones came to stay with us, I learned a great deal about preparing for houseguests, and how to make their visit special. First things first, and that’s preparing the guest room (or sofa if you don’t have an actual guest room). Here are my tips and cheers to the week ahead!

If You Have a Guest Room…

  • Make sure your guest room features the essentials – a bed fitted with clean linens, fluffy pillows, and a warm duvet or blanket.
  • Clear the dresser and closet, and fill it with hangers so they can unpack. A thoughtful touch: place a lavender sachet in the dresser or closet and your guest(s) will enjoy the relaxing aroma!
  • Leave magazines and books (tailor the selection to your guest) on the nightstand, and place the remote in the drawer.
  • Double check that all of the lights in the guest room work.
  • Fill the house – including the guest room – with vases of fresh flowers.
  • Leave a deliciously scented candle and matches – I love Diptyque – on their nightstand.
  • Stock your guest bathroom with plenty of clean towels (bonus points for a plush robe!), soaps, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, and q-tips. I also like to leave some nice lotion in the drawer, as well as a hair dryer and brush.
  • Make sure guests have easy access to the iron and steamer in case they need to refresh any clothes after their day of travel.
  • Let them know where you keep the medicine cabinet, should they become sick.
  • Stock your kitchen with the basics: bottled water, juice, milk, fruit, bread, cheese, crackers, and any snacks or drinks that you know they like.

If You Don’t Have a Guest Room…

  • Provide your guest(s) with the options of staying at a hotel or your home. If they opt to stay in a hotel, offer a selection of nearby properties that they can choose from. If they‘d like to stay with you, follow these tips:
  • If your guest is sleeping on the sofa, once it’s time for bed, place a mattress pad on top of the sofa cushions, followed by clean linens, fluffy pillows, and a warm duvet or blanket.
  • Just as listed above, leave magazines and books on the end table or coffee table, as well as the remote.
  • Make sure the bathroom is sparkling clean, and well-stocked with the following supplies: clean towels, bubble bath, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, q-tips, hand lotion, hair dryer and a brush. Follow the above tips on giving guests access to the iron and steamer, as well as the medicine cabinet.
  • Fresh flowers, scented candles, and plenty of savory snacks and libations still apply, so don’t forget to practice your floral arranging skills and stop by the market before your guests arrive.