Do I Need to Send a Gift?


Dear B,

I was invited to a friend’s baby shower, however am unable to attend. Do I still need to send a gift even thought I can’t make it?



Dear H,

This is a great question, and I actually found myself in this situation recently (I’ve been on both sides of this scenario), so I can relate! On the one hand, I’ve been invited to showers before and had to decline, yet I still sent a gift; on the other hand, I invited friends to my recent shower and of those who declined, some sent gifts and some didn’t. So to answer your question, yes, in my opinion, the gracious and thoughtful thing to do is to send a gift. Think of it this way – the point of a shower is to “shower” the mother-to-be and her bundle of joy with gifts, and so it’s still appropriate to do so, even if you can’t attend. Having a baby is such a special time and one to be celebrated, and I know your friend will be beyond thrilled that you were so kind as to send a present for her little one!

Mad for Plaid




Gray &White PlaidNavy & Blush PlaidBlack & White PlaidNavy & White PlaidWhite & Black PlaidRed & Navy Plaid

Fall is the most gorgeous season in Dallas, from the patio-friendly temperatures to the breathtaking pumpkin village at the arboretum. This time of year also means we can replace our breezy cotton dresses and summer sandals with cozy sweaters, chic boots, and of course plaid. Last year I lived in classic plaid shirts by Rails (they are so soft, comfortable, and flattering) and these jeans, and I can’t wait to add a few more variations of this button down to my wardrobe. I’m also lusting after these studded black flats for fall. Enjoy!