Last Minute Easter Dessert Ideas


Our family arrived last night, and we are so excited to be spending the weekend with them and celebrating Easter here in Dallas. We’re hosting a casual dinner at our house tonight (confession, we’re making the guacamole and mixing up the margaritas, however dinner will be picked up from our favorite Mexican restaurant!), and so I’ve been searching for festive dessert recipes. I came across the cutest bunny cake on Pinterest yesterday, and while I adore coconut, the men in the family do not, and so I’m leaning more towards chocolate so as to please all palates. I’m planning on baking little chocolate cupcakes (with these festive liners) with my son today as a fun Easter activity. I think they will be adorable, and delicious, and my little bunny will have a ball decorating them! In case you need any last-minute dessert inspiration, how cute would thesethese or these be? Check out my Pinterest board too for more baking and entertaining ideas. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Godparent Etiquette


We were recently given the most amazing honor – to be the godparents and god-family to our best friend’s precious baby girl. Beyond incredible, right? Making it even more special they are the godparents to our two boys, so how cool that we are each other’s god families! J & J are of course the most loving, generous, and phenomenal godparents, and a sterling example of what this special title means. When they asked us to be baby M’s god- family, I of course was brought to tears of joy, as it is the privilege of a lifetime and one that we take very seriously. We look so forward to the many wonderful times ahead with our god-daughter and the bond that our two families will share. The spoiling has already begun too (half the fun of being a godparent is the spoiling!), as I had a ball shopping for her Easter gifts. And so, if you are fortunate enough to be asked to be a godparent, here are my tips on how to shine in this role and foster a relationship with a child that you will both cherish.

Quick Tips

Godparent Etiquette


After you have been chosen, send the family a note expressing how excited you are for this honor

Attend the baptism or christening, and give the baby a special gift

Always make the child (children) a priority, from a standing Saturday lunch to attending their soccer games

If you’re a plane ride away, stay connected with FaceTime, phone calls, and texts. When you do go to visit, take advantage of the time together!

Send special and thoughtful gifts and cards for holidays, birthdays, etc.

Plan fun excursions where you can spend quality time together, like going to the zoo, an afternoon at the beach, Disneyland, etc.

Set a good example as their role model, and be a mentor offering love, wisdom, encouragement, and guidance

Always offer an ear to listen, and be shoulder to lean on for the child (children) and parents