Paper vs. Online Party Invitations


We are celebrating our younger son’s birthday in several weeks, and while planning the party I found myself questioning – paper vs. online invitations. Every year for both children I have chosen paper invitations, because let’s face it, few things in life are as charming and time-honored as receiving something in the mail. Whether it’s a card from a friend or an invitation, it’s so wonderful to see a brightly colored envelope amidst a stack of letters and bills. However, this year has been pretty busy and our go-to stationery designer is on hiatus, so I decided to turn to my favorite online invitation and stationery source, Paperless Post.

G loves all things animals, especially jungle, and so we chose Meri Meri’s “Go Wild” theme for party decorations. A precious collection fit for a jungle loving little one, it features oversized palm leaf napkins, adorable orange tiger plates, a toucan studded bannerbright green alligator platter, snake noise makers, and matching party favor bags. You can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Paperless Post’s invitation designed by Meri Meri that coordinates with the decor – too perfect for words!

I’m sure many of you are ahead of the curve when it comes to sending online invites, but if you’ve never done it, let me tell you Paperless Post makes it a piece of cake. You pick your design (they have countless, beautiful options), customize the invite, upload your guest list and hit send. Easy peasy my friends! A big bonus for me was the immediate RSVPs, as with paper invites I’m always chasing down responses from a few guests. Plus, being able to tally the headcount on the tracking page has made planning that more organized.

Cheers to party planning in the digital age and I encourage you to give Paperless Post a try!

*This post has been sponsored by Paperless Post 

Ask B: Casual or Formal Dinner Party Seating


Dear B, 

I am hosting a casual dinner/football watching party for 10 people this weekend. We are having a buffet in the kitchen with Mexican food, and one of the guests is brining dessert. As for the table settings, do you recommend I set our kitchen and dining room tables, do place cards, etc., or keep it casual with table cloths and rolled silverware for people to grab when they are ready to eat? I don’t want it to be stuffy! 



Dear B,

If you want a casual atmosphere and seating arrangement, I recommend setting the tables with table cloths (and beautiful flowers), and then have rolled up silverware at the buffet. This way, everyone can serve themselves, eat when they want to, and sit where they would like, be it at the table or standing in the kitchen. No place cards or formal settings necessary for this soirée! Also, given the football game will be on during the party and some might want to watch while they eat dinner, if you have any qualms about food in your den (often sofas and salsa don’t mix!), gently encourage your guests to eat in the kitchen or at one of the tables. Have fun!

Let it Shine: Sconces

When we moved into our new home more than two years ago, we decided to take our time decorating and approach interior design intentionally. My fabulous mom – aka our interior designer – helped us to furnish with the essentials, and now we are putting icing on the cake – colorful art, light fixtures, decorative objects, etc. It’s going to take many years to complete the project that is our home, and I am cherishing every minute and every new addition. We want each piece to have purpose and be thoughtfully chosen, maybe even with a fun story or two behind it.

One item on our wish list right now is sconces for our master bath. Sconces are such a beautiful way to elevate decor and bring warmth to a bathroom. They add a unique light quality you can’t replicate with overhead lights, and their design can really transform a space. Depending upon the look of your bathroom or powder bath, you can choose something ornate and detailed, or more subtle and simple – the options are endless my friends! Since we have chrome in our bathroom, we’re searching for a fixture in that color family, and perhaps with a touch of lucite for a modern look. I already found a few I like (even a stunning gold one), including this, this, this, and this. And while the search continues, I’m excited to share these stunning sconces as inspiration for us all. Enjoy!