Easter Basket Finds for your Little Bunnies


  1. I love this precious customized gingham easter bow and white basket. The deadline is 4/2, so order today!
  2. How cute is this bunny bank
  3. A darling woven bunny purse, perfect for spring
  4. Because all kids love bubbles
  5. A Peter Rabbit Mache box filled with treats – I bought these for the boys!
  6. This play dough kit will offer endless fun and imagination
  7. Vibrant watercolor set – a fantastic craft they will love
  8. Goggles for summer swims at the pool
  9. A seersucker baseball cap for your little guy
  10. Festive glitter stickers
  11. A fun beach towel that you can have personalized
  12. This is my favorite kids swim suit brand 
  13. And here is a matching bathing suit for sister
  14. Baby will love this charming bunny jack-in-the-box

I also think books are a fantastic addition to any Easter Basket, and we include them in our boy’s baskets every year. This, this, this and this are some of our family’s favorites.

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