Bren Underwood is the founder of Must Bring Buns, an etiquette and lifestyle blog for the modern girl.

Bren launched Must Bring Buns as a go-to guide for etiquette, entertaining, and lifestyle tips and inspiration, and her goal is to spread her love of all things etiquette by answering questions and sharing tips on how we can all shine as our best selves. Bren’s a Southern California native who graduated with a degree in corporate communications and public affairs from Southern Methodist University and now lives in Dallas with her husband and two children. Prior to launching Must Bring Buns, Bren spent six years working in public relations—and hosting numerous dinner parties.


Several years ago, Bren and her husband planned to spend Halloween weekend with friends at their ranch in Dallas, however Bren couldn’t leave work in time and so they had to cancel the evening’s plans and drive to the ranch the following day. Disappointed about their tardy arrival and hoping to remedy the situation, she called her mom in search of advice on how to make it up to their friends. Her mom was dining with her friend Dianne at the time, and during their conversation Dianne exclaimed three words that made everything crystal clear: Must Bring Buns. She and Bren’s mom proposed Bren bring warm, delicious cinnamon buns as a hostess gift to the ranch the next morning for all of the guests to enjoy. Such a simple yet thoughtful gesture, and indeed their friends were touched. And so, inspired by the token and enthused to share this pearl of wisdom with the world, Must Bring Buns came to life!



Growing up, your parents probably drilled certain etiquette rules into you, like saying “please” and “thank you,” chewing with your mouth closed, and holding the door open for others. But as a grown-up, you’ll run into many life situations where you’ll need to know more about etiquette than please and thank you.

While the word “etiquette” may evoke memories of rules, stuffiness, and being judged, etiquette really boils down to a set of tips and guidelines on how to make those around us feel welcome and comfortable so we can shine as our best selves.

Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette gets straight to what you really want to know about modern manners: what to say when a friend loses a loved one, how to take a compliment, whether or not it’s OK to say thank you over a text message, and how to always have the class to get invited back.

So get this five-hour read, get savvy, and then get back to your fabulous life.


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